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All natural Alpha BSC 500mg Cannabidiol could help your post workout recovery
By: Alpha Staff
Posted: 04/19/2020

Go to any fitness center in America and you are likely to hear about CBD for post-workout muscle recovery. While the science behind cannabidiol supplementation in sports still lags, investigators are using antedotal evidence from various scientific studies that demonstrate CBD is a powerful anti-infammatory compound, which suggest exercise-induced inflammation can be reduced or healed faster by CBD supplementation.

Even light physical activity causes microscopic damage to muscle and tissue. This inflammation triggers the body's repair processes, allowing the muscle and tissue to grow back stronger. Symptoms of overtraining experienced by many ahtletes, like chronically sore muscles or joints, strains or sprains, are the result of the body not being able to repair itself sufficiently before resumption of workouts.

The introduction and ongoing use of cannabidiol supplements like Alpha BSC 500mg may speed recovery and help reduce the reliance on NSAIDs, which has been shown to cause kidney damage in athletes, as an approach to fighting post-workout inflammation. CBD has been shown in testing to be able to increase energy levels and focus, which can help get you in the gym. There is also antedotal evidence that CBD can reduce training plateaus by helping to maintain muscle mass.

In addition to CBD, Alpha BDC 500mg is a broad spectrum cannabidiol that contains other natural compounds from the hemp plant except THC, which has been removed using a chromotography process. Because the THC has been removed, athletes at any level of competition do not have to worry about failing mandatory drug testing.

CBD molecule
Athletes have turned to extreme measures like cryotherapy to promote healing.
Alpha ICE 250mg

Alpha BSC 500mg is designed as an intermediate dose, daily supplement designed for physically active adults, to help naturally stimulate the body's endocannibinoid system and promote a reduction of activity-related muscle and joint inflamation. Alpha BSC 500mg is easy to use: just shake, fill the dropper, expel under your tongue and hold for at least sixty seconds before swallowing.

We take product quality seriously. Alpha BSC 500mg contains 17,200 micrograms of pesticide-free, non-GMO cannabidiol per serving, precisely blended with flavorless Organic MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil before being blended with natural peppermint extract for a light mint finish. Priced at about $2 per day, Alpha BSC 500mg is an affordable way to enjoy the potential health benefits of CBD supplementation.

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